Nely Bobrischew

Nely is bringing her extensive experience in rhythmic gymnastics coaching to share with the world. Having been part of the sport for over 25 years she has developed her own method of strength and flexibility. Her unique approach to coaching has brought many of her students success. She has produced many national team members and national champions. Currently she is the personal coach of two USA national team members, JR Gemma Gow and SR Mya Tam.

Why choose Nely’s School? The answer is simple, we are the best. We are the only school in MA with National Team members, the only school in MA with elite National Champions. Our school implements the same quality throughout our program. Every athlete in our school is taught in the same way, each athlete is given the same care and the same opportunity to succeed. Our online program is just as successful. We help athletes from all over the world to maximize their potential. Give us a call and schedule a trial class today. We believe Nely’s School is the right place for you.