Recreational Class

The recreational class is aimed at girls 3 to 9 years old who want to try Rhythmic Gymnastics, without the commitment of competitive team. Recreational classes are available Monday and Thursday’s at 5:30PM for ages 3 to 5 and 6:30PM for ages 6 to 9. You can join the class once or twice a week. Our recreational classes are not only fun but also teach your daughters coordination, flexibility, strength and discipline, in a fun environment. Our coaches are young and most of them still compete in the sport.

Beginner Class

The pre – team class is aimed at girls 5-7 years old eager to join the sport competitively. The focus of the classes is learning the rhythmic gymnastics basics and at a faster pace, with a clear focus on becoming part of the competitive team. The class will run twice a week for 1:30 hours. The cost for the class is $250 per month. We are accepting new students every month. Call for a free trial.

USA Gymnastics Development Program

The Development team is comprised of 6 levels. Each level trains different hours and has a different focus. To join the development program team you need to have experience and need approval from the head coach. Competitive levels for the DP start in level 3 and end in level 8. For more information and to join us for a trial class contact Head Coach Nely Bobrischew at 617-966-0753.

Elite team training

The elite team is comprised by our National Team members and level 9/10 athletes. Elite team trains 6 days a week and competes at national and international events. The focus of the Elite athletes is to excel in the sport and reach the highest possible competitive events like the World Championship and Olympic Games. For more information and an opportunity to join our elite team contact Head Coach Nely at 617-966-0753.

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