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Nely’s school of Rhythmic gymnastics is international. Athletes and clubs from all over the world have the opportunity to train with us via zoom. We love to share our expertise with international students with the same care and attention to detail. Coach Nely has already trained a wide variety of students from many different countries including Russia, Spain, Egypt, Australia, Germany, England and more. Nely’s master classes are very popular and her choreography is known all over the world. At the moment the only classes available are private classes.


  • The conditioning session is focused on specific strength needed for Rhythmic Gymnastics. The class will strengthen your body to be able to handle the RG work load and prevent injury. The class is 1:30 min long and it will focus on each muscle group separately. Cost – 4 classes/$150.

Club Class

  • Personalized training for your club – I can work with your club to help you develop an efficient warm up, conditioning and skills training.
  • Duration of this class is 2 hours per session via zoom – 2 sessions are recommended to include all the aspects of the training. Maximum 10 gymnast per session and 3 coaches.
  • Cost for the 2 hour session is $250


  • The body technique session is focused on teaching the technique of turns, jumps and balances for Rhythmic Gymnastics. The class will improve on the body control during rhythmic skills. Class is 1:30 min long and meets via zoom every Tuesday at 12:30pm, eastern. Cost – 4 classes/$150

Master Class

  • Master classes are offered once a month. This is a 1:30 class that has a clear purpose. The athlete will have the opportunity to get a taste of my training at a minimum cost. All master classes are open to athletes 10 years old and up. Coaches are welcome.
  • Master classes are taking place via zoom. The cost for class is $25

Private Class

  • Private training with one gymnast via zoom. During the private class I work on the aspects of training the gymnast wants to improve on. I can help you increase flexibility, strength, apparatus handling and body technique. The class is one hour long. Schedule by request. Cost for the class is $100.


  • The apparatus handling session is focused on teaching the most interesting part of Rhythmic Gymnastics. The class will strengthen your basic technique and improve it. In a few months you can become an expert. The class is 1:30 min long and it will focus on all the secrets of each apparatus. The cost for 4 sessions is $150


  • The flexibility session is aimed at current athletes ages 8 and up. Rhythmic gymnasts, dancers, or artistic gymnasts looking to maximize their flexibility. The class will meet every Wednesday at 12:30pm eastern. The focus of the class is to lengthen the muscles in a safe way. Cost – 4 classes/$150.


  • The session for new routine is 2 to 3 hours, depending on the athlete’s learning ability. During this session we will pick together the body skills, the risks and AD’s that work best after which we will set the new program.This session is open to juniors and seniors only. For USA only level 9/10 gymnasts. The cost for this session is $350

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