My daughter is a professional athlete in RG. Senior. She takes classes with coach Nely who is amazing. Interesting strong person, super professional  coach who helps the athlete do her best in RG. She is always looking for a  new way  to make a progress, to help the girl to improve. She knows how to do it. Very high quality of training, interesting exercises for strength, stretching, body difficulties, jumps, pivots, apparatus handling.  Nely helps to understand the weak side of the gymnast and to improve it a lot. She can find the way how to make it perfect. 

Also she is a very kind person. She takes care of the athlete. It is very important. She teaches never give up. All difficult things my daughter can do with coach Nely.  Perfect coach. We are so happy to meet Nely and  train with her. 

Ekaterina, Russia

A great caring dedicated and professional coach who believes in the potential of her gymnasts and who sees beyond their limits and guides them to greatness. A coach who has changed the life of my daughter in her career as a professional rhythmic gymnast. Very thankful to everything you have done Coach Ionela and very excited to train at NSRG!

Parent of a young gymnast from Cairo, Egypt

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